When living at a seniors retirement community, you can always expect Ross Place‘s recreational coordinators to plan out some activities you can participate in every day of the month. These activities are pre-planned in the month prior and are diversified to include activities which are social, physical and cognitive varieties. Below is a breakdown of our different activity pillars, and how they improve the wellbeing of our residents.

Social activities at a retirement community

Social activities are very important for senior residents as they can exponentially improve mental health. By living in a retirement community, residents can expect to meet other residents and make new friends while they are trying out new activities led by the program coordinators at Ross Place. Examples of social activities available at Ross Place include happy hours, discussions, day trips, or any activity that involves group settings. 

Retirement community physical activities

Physical activities are organized to ensure our senior residents stay active and get their exercise in for the day. The activities are designed to be fun and engaging as exercising can seem like a chore for some so they need the extra motivation to stay engaged in physical activity. Examples of physical activities available at Ross Place include fitness and exercising classes usually led by the recreation coordinator, yoga or tai chi, and other movement-related activities to keep our residents active.

Cognitive activities at a retirement community

Cognitive activities are crucial to keeping the minds of our senior residents active during their stay at the retirement community here in Victoria. As cognitive activities are high-level activities that require problem solving, decision making, or utilizing information to help make sense of things, these types of activities help seniors keep their brains stimulated and engaged. Some examples of cognitive activities offered to seniors at Ross Place include puzzles, brain games, cards, trivia, and other similar activities. 

Having a retirement community that offers a variety of activities adds to the overall experience by making it more enjoyable for the residents. If you’re looking for a seniors retirement community like that, Ross Place is here for you. Call 250-381-8666 or click here to book a tour at Victoria’s warm and friendly independent seniors community.