As we head into the holiday months, there is joy all around as we get to join in on the festivities and time spent with our family and friends around us. Keeping this in mind, it might be the perfect opportunity to approach the topic of moving into an independent or assisted living seniors community in Victoria to your senior loved one.

To best prepare for the conversation, you should take some time out to research some seniors communities within the surrounding Victoria area. If you get a chance it is also recommended that you book a tour to get a better idea of how day-to-day living would be for your senior loved one. It would also be a great time to address some of their needs or your concerns with the staff at Ross Place. When it comes to preparing for the actual conversation, you should try to make a list of any hesitations they may have so you are ready with solutions.

Here are the top signs that you may be ready to move into an independent or assisted living seniors community in Victoria:

A recent fall or decline in health

If your senior loved one had a recent fall or injury that may have compromised their physical health, they will probably need more care and attention. One of the benefits to moving into Ross Place is that there is 24/7 staff available to provide extra support. This will also help prevent future injuries or falls as the suite is equipped with safety measures such as pull bars in the bathroom as well as daily safety checks.

Withdrawing from social activities

Another thing to look out for is if your senior loved one has recently lost motivation to go out and or socialize with those around them. Whether they no longer have a close group of friends or if they feel like it is too much of a hassle, moving into an independent or assisted living seniors community in Victoria may help them reconnect with their social side. There are many opportunities to participate in social activities organized by the recreation coordinator. These activities are also usually done with a group of other residents so you are bound to make new friends.

Changes in weight or eating habits

Usually seniors tend to have fluctuations in their weight due to a change in appetite as they age, but if you see it continuously occurring to the point where they are skipping meals, it may be time to have a conversation. When living at Ross Place they will be provided with daily meals to ensure they are maintaining their current weight in a healthy and nutritious manner. Sometimes eating in a communal setting also helps maintain good eating habits.

Lack of self-care and sleep

If you happen to see a visible decline in your senior loved one’s appearance or grooming, they may need day-to-day support. Noticing things like increased clutter or hoarding around the house could also signal to more serious issues as the inability to keep their space clean could present safety hazards. When living at Ross Place you can rest assured that there will be weekly housekeeping provided to your senior loved one to keep their suite free of clutter.

If you’re looking for a seniors retirement community in Victoria that offers a variety of recreational activities, Ross Place is here for you. Feel free to contact us to inquire if we offer assisted living services at this VRS location. Call 250-381-8666 or click here to book a tour at Victoria’s warm and friendly independent seniors community.