Retirement homes can play a crucial role in ensuring seniors live a comfortable and fulfilling life in their golden years. Despite that, many people still believe some dated myths about retirement homes. Here are 4 of the most common misconceptions about retirement homes, why they are untrue, and how our Retirement home in Victoria helps residents live fulfilling and relaxing lives.

Myth #1: When you move into a retirement home, you lose all your independence.

Many people worry that moving into a retirement community means giving up all their independence. However, retirement homes aim to empower their residents by giving them a supportive atmosphere while respecting their independence. Residents can decide which activities, events, and hobbies they want to engage in based on their preferences. Our Retirement homes in Victoria encourage our residents to engage in their hobbies. Many VRS locations also offer many different activities like art classes, book clubs, gardening, and more. 

Myth #2: Nursing homes and retirement homes are the same thing.

The idea that retirement homes and nursing facilities are interchangeable is one of the most pervasive myths. Actually, retirement homes prioritize independent living while providing a host of services, social events, and assistance. In contrast, nursing homes or long term care homes offer more comprehensive medical care to people with particular medical needs. We offer independent retirement living here in Victoria. 

Myth #3: Senior living homes are lonely.

One of the biggest misconceptions about retirement homes is that seniors living there are lonely. On the contrary, retirement homes are frequently lively and fun places where residents can make new friends. Our Retirement homes in Victoria host many exciting events and outings where residents can socialize with each other. Last month, our residents had lots of fun at Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties! Our Retirement homes in Victoria also have common areas where residents can socialize, form bonds with one another, and promote a feeling of community. As mentioned before, many VRS locations also offer activities like art classes and book clubs where residents can make new friends. 

Are you looking for a retirement home in Victoria?

If you’re looking for a Retirement home in Victoria, VRS Ross Place offers a variety of services to keep our residents happy and healthy. Feel free to contact us to inquire if we offer assisted living services at any VRS location. Call 250-381-8665 or email us at to arrange a tour.