As we enter autumn, it’s important for seniors to be aware of fall safety! While living in a retirement community provides additional safety that a senior living on their own doesn’t experience, there are still further ways seniors can stay safe this autumn. Here are our top five tips on how you can stay safe while retirement living in Victoria.

  1. Purchase Additional Warm Clothing

As the days get cooler and the cold months approach us, it is important to ensure you have enough warm clothing in your closet. It is important to stock up on socks, warm hats, long-sleeve shirts, warm pants, coats, sweaters, warm gloves, and comfortable house shoes. It is also a good idea to leave some of these warm pieces of clothing in your vehicle in case you need them.

  1. Invest in Waterproof, Slip-Resistant Shoes

As leaves fall and the sidewalks get slick with rain, seniors are at a greater risk of falling. To help prevent this, you can purchase some waterproof, slip-resistant shoes! Not only will your feet stay warm and dry, reducing your risk of getting sick, but will also help you stay upright. These shoes can typically be used indoors or outdoors, and are very useful on slippery leaves or icy sidewalks or walkways. Indoors, they can help prevent accidental falls caused by poor lighting, water spills, or other tripping hazards.

  1. Prevent Risks of Sickness

As we enter cold and flu season, seniors will find themselves at greater risk of getting sick. It is important to keep your immune system healthy. By staying hydrated and eating nutrient-rich foods, seniors can reduce their risk of getting sick. At Ross Place, we provide balanced and healthy food and beverage options to our residents. Washing your hands often and avoiding touching your face are also great ways to keep germs away and prevent getting sick.

  1. Don’t Leave Candles Unattended

Everyone loves the ambience and scent of candles in the fall. The warm flicker and glow of the flame create such a calming and nostalgic feeling. However, according to the National Fire Protection Association, an estimated 8,200 home fires are started by candles each year. Never leave your candle unattended, do not burn candles overnight, and ensure nothing flammable is too close to your candle.

  1. Don’t Forget About Daylight Savings Time

This year, daylight savings is on Sunday, November 5th, 2023. With this change in time comes shorter days. The sun will start going down much earlier than it has been, which is important to keep in mind when you need to drive or walk anywhere in the evenings. 

If you’re looking for a VRS seniors retirement home that offers a fulfilling community, we are here for you. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have. Call 604.731.1020 to arrange a tour at one of VRS’ warm and friendly independent senior communities.