Are you looking for assisted living for yourself or for a senior loved one in Victoria? Although Ross Place is an independent senior living community, there are many benefits to aging in place and bringing in assisted care services to you, should require them. Here are the benefits of living in a retirement home as an active senior, and how assisted living care services can be arranged as needed in future. 

Flexibility: bring in assisted living services if and when you require them

Living in a retirement community means living in the moment for what you require today, versus what you may require in the future. If you get to the point down the road where you need help with daily tasks such as bathing, getting dressed, or personal care, you have two options available to bring help to your home at Ross Place, without having to move. You can utilize public health to visit your apartment, hire a private care aide to assist, or create a combination of both support systems that suits you or your senior loved one. This gives you the best flexibility for your lifestyle both now, and in the future.

Consistency: no moving seniors communities, should you require assisted living services

Another benefit to living at Victoria is the consistency of surroundings and the peace of mind that you live in a retirement community that works for you now. Many times those searching for assisted living are doing so in reaction to a sudden change that has taken place, whereas living in a retirement community provides a proactive foundation for aging in place. If you or your senior loved one are considering assisted living, it may be smart to move into independent living as a first step. 

Independence: live independently and in the moment

Maintaining independence may also be something you or your senior loved one prefers, as assisted living may be a big leap. At Ross Place all suites come equipped with either a kitchen or kitchenette to ensure you have the ability to cook if you want to maintain some daily routines you had prior to moving into senior living. Don’t worry, there are still meals available in case you need to take a break from cooking! 

Although Ross Place is independent seniors living, there are still support services such as 24/7 desk support and housekeeping available to you. With independent retirement living, you are also able to socialize with other residents and even create new friendships and bonds with them. There are even planned recreational activities to keep you busy while you get a chance to try something new and connect with others.