We know it may be difficult to transition from living at home to moving to your retirement suite in Victoria. Perhaps you were used to being surrounded by family and are now finding yourself missing certain aspects of your old life and the connection you once had to your home and old lifestyle.

Here are some tips on how you can make your Victoria retirement suite feel like home:

Tip #1 – Customize your retirement home layout

Depending on the floor plan of your chosen retirement suite, you may be able to customize and personalize your living space by moving a few things around. Maybe you prefer to have your dining table by the window so you can soak in the view of Kelowna while you enjoy your meal because that is something you used to do at home. Ensure that it is okay to change a few things in your retirement suite prior to customizing, and make sure you get some help when you begin to change the layout as some items may be too heavy for one person.

Tip #2 – Bring decorations and photos from home

Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve last spent time with your family members and miss seeing them on a daily basis. Get some home photos framed and hung around your retirement suite so you can always see a familiar face, Another great idea is to bring some decorations or some memorabilia that you can reflect on from time to time as well as add a personal touch to your new Kelowna home.

Tip #3 – Use home fragrances in your retirement suite

Do you miss the smell of your own bedroom? Maybe your clothes don’t smell like they used to? In order to make your retirement suite more homey and welcoming, bring some scents and fragrances from home and spray them throughout your suit. You will feel more comfortable and relieved to be surrounded by familiar scents and will less likely feel homesick in Kelowna.